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September 2021

Finally, we have a new name on The Board and it's
Mariella Frostrup
Watched on Antiques Road Trip the other night.
Smart, funny, who wouldn't want Mariella at their party.
Love her!

April 2021

Miles Teller He's on The Board, very funny, enjoyed his verbal sparring with the ever boastful and massively boring Tom Cruise (who is NOT on The Board), on this week's Graham Norton Show. 
Co-op? Probably

March 2021

Iggy Pop Yes, who wouldn't want to meet a legend like Iggy.
Check out this amazing recital by Iggy of
Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night
Co-op? Maybe

Charlotte Ritchie So good in so many excellent sit-coms
would love her to come to the party Co-op

Judy Love great comedian would love her to come to the party, 
who wouldn't... (that's not actually a question), Co-op

Up for March, the fabulous, smart, funny and truly stunning 
Mae Martin (Co-op)

February 2021

The wonderful Keeley Haves We would love
to invite Keeley, lovely person, truly brilliant actress

The wonderful Olly Alexander what a lovely face, personality, actor and singer, frontman to the brilliant Years & Years
Co-op, I think so!

December 2020

Jon Richardson & Lucy Beaumont.
Yes, finally, two new names are on The Board.
Probably the last two to receive an invite this year.
Love them both, although we are extra fond of Lucy.
Jon will be a real bonus in helping us to clean up after the party.
Here's a link to their Christmas show
Co-op, yes.

August 2020

Michael Spicer Comedian and breath of fresh air on social media. It's because of you and Sarah Cooper I can't leave twitter. We love you and you're on 
The  Board

July 2020

The brothers Martin & Gary Kemp
June 2020
Link to The Kemps: All True. on BBC iplayer
 Just watch The Kemps, All True, a spoof documentary, and you'll know why the boys are on The Board. so funny.
(Rhys Thomas is already on The Board)
Co-op, Yes

Graham Norton I don't know what happened here. I was scrolling down the guest list and realised that Graham wasn't on it! I'm sure he was, anyway, he got lost somewhere along the line. I LOVE Graham Norton, and he'd go to the Co-Op

Sarah Cooper Have only just discovered this brilliant comedian via twitter, very very funny, would love to meet her.

May 2020 
Two in one day! 3 in one month!

  Michaela Coel. Really liked her on the Graham Norton .show, so, she's on The Board.
Co-op, I think so.

 Denzel Washington
Enough said
Co-op, yes

Phillipa Perry The delightful woman that is Phillipa Perry is now on The Board. Have become a huge fan since seeing her on Grason Perry's Art Club.
What a lovely couple they are.
Grason's already on The Board.

February 2020 

 The wonderful actor James Norton
I might be semi-breaking The Rules of The Board here
because I do find James very attractive (especially in the brilliant television series, The Trials of Christine Keeler), and one of the rules is... You can't put someone on The Board just because you fancy them. However, I've read an interview with him and he does sound like a lovely guy, so that's OK!

First up for January 2020!

Jamie Foxx He's invited, very cool funny guy.

 Emilia Clarke is on the invite list, we love her.

The very wonderful Rhys Thomas, comedian.
Responsible for the excellent radio and TV show.
Down The Line
Down The Line on Radio 4 
 and 2019's
A Year In The Life Of A Year
Link to A Year In The Life Of A Year 

December 2019

Tom Allen Yes, who wouldn't want Tom
at their party, quick-witted and so engaging + Co-Op

October 2019 

Stephen Mangan
Of course, we want him at the party! Great guy, very funny.

Helen Mirren 
Would definitely like to meet Helen Mirren. 
Very much her own woman, smart, entertaining, great storyteller.

January 2019

Helen Baxendale, for her brilliant role in the sitcom Cuckoo. What a great comic actor, would love to meet.

Andy Macdowell. Again, for her comic genius as an actor and her role in Cuckoo. So well played!
Link to Cuckoo on YouTube 

The fantastic Jason Momoa. Loved him on the Graham Norton Show. What a great guy. Who wouldn't want him at their party?!
Link to Jason Mamoa on The Graham Norton Show. 

October 2018
It's been a while!

Link to YouTube trailer for No Activity. 
The entire, brilliant cast of No Activity are on The Board
It's a pretty big cast, so here's another link showing the whole line-up

May 2018
April didn't bring any nominations, this May
we have 3.

Daisy May Cooper and her wonderful brother Charlie Cooper because they are fantastic! Thanks for the brilliant comedy series This Country on the BBC. Would love to meet them both.
Link to This Country on BBC i player 
Co-op? Absolutely

Ben Whishaw Would so like to meet this excellent actor. Very much enjoying his part in The Jeremy Thorpe Story on the BBC and all the other series I've seen him in.

March 2018
Well, it's been a while since the last nomination, so here we go again.

The truly beautiful Frances McDormand. Her performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri was fantastic, great film an no one could have played her part better. Would love to meet this woman.

Woody Harrelson. Just one of my favourite actors and would love to meet him.
Who wouldn't. He just keeps getting better!

September 2017

Sindhu Vee Just been lucky enough to discover this great comedian on YouTube
Sindhu Vee Link to YouTube 
Would definitely like to meet her at the party, excellent!

The wonderful actor/comedian Sharon Horgan
She's absolutely brilliant, incredibly funny, we just love her.  
+ Co-Op 

Gwendoline Christie A great actor I really want to meet, it's as simple as that!

July 2017

Vincent Lindo
Gilles Lellouche

I don't know if the reason behind these two great actors getting their names on The Board is entirely in keeping with the Rules of The Board, but I make them, so ...I would love these two guys to come to the party after seeing them in the film thriller Mia Culpa, and other film. Just want to meet them. Also, they could help me with my French ...

June 2017 

Richard Osman Brilliant on everything he's on, clever, sharp, witty ...what's not to like. Would love him to come to the party.

Alexander Armstrong for the brilliant Armstrong and Miller Show ...no longer on TV shame, but catch it on YouTube
Armstrong & Miller Link Click Here
Love him

May 2017

Amy Schumer Very funny, very entertaining, pretty cool all round.

Would love these two women to come to the party. Great comedy actors and very cool people. Massive respect to both of them! 

Daniel Sloss. Well, one, he's incredibly cool and funny (NOT because he's also very handsome, because that's against the rules of The Board), and two,  he's got a lovely Scottish accent 

April 2017

Actors Fares Fares & Nikolaj Lie Kaas
Why, because I just loved the Scandinavian film trilogy 'Department Q' which they both star in. Is that reason enough ...I don't know, but it's my party and I just have to meet them ...huge fan! 

Actors Zoe Boyle & Kerry Howard currently being brilliantly funny in the comedy drama 'Witless' ...I'd want to meet them!
+ Co-Op

Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane are on The Board for their performance in the brilliant Trumped skit and all the other great stuff they've been in.

March 2017

Tina Fey...don't know why it's taken so long ...just assumed she was up there somewhere, on close inspection, seems not.

Martin Freeman ...of course you would want to meet him.

Sarah Pascoe and Katherine Ryan ...just getting their images back up there, they've been on The Board for quite a while, smart funny women. + Co-Op

February 2017

So, no one made it onto The Board in January, but we have a new face for February, Ryan Gosling.
Last seen by me in La La Land, Great film & I cannot believe that he is actually playing the piano so brilliantly in it, as apparently, he only learned to play for the film. So that's impressive...and he looks like a really nice guy. Oh, and he learned to tap dance for the movie as well! I could be in love!

Link to the movie trailer for La La Land

January 2017

No nominations so far!

December 2016

RIP George Michael...you will be missed.
Sadly another invited guest has died...George was always on The Board...(now he isn't because it's against The Board rules)...another big loss in 2016

George Michael - You Have Been Loved (Live)

LP (Laura Pergolizzi)

Brilliant musician and singer with the most extraordinary voice, just fantastic, also, interviewed she comes across as a really interesting warm intelligent person. Someone I would really like to meet.
LP - Lost On You [Live Session]

November 2015

Chris Martin

Chris Martin is on The Board! Watched him being interviewed on the Graham Norton Show (best chat show EVER) and was struck by what a great easy going lovely guy he is. Especially as the comedian Michael McIntyre was also a guest and was, quite frankly, really irritating and seemed to be trying quite hard to annoy Chris...who managed not to lose his cool, well done!

October 2016

Rhod Gilbert

Yup. I'd like to have Rhod Gilbert to the party...tres drole...and he looks a little bit like Pierce Brosnan (OK maybe not in this picture) ...not that that has anything to do with it. In fact I have just realised that we haven't invited Pierce Brosnan! So, will to remedy that right now, he's a pretty great guy and now he's on The Board!

September 2016
Someone else...after careful consideration, has been eliminated...it's a tough Board...not saying who
September 2016

Nick cave, great musician, really interesting guy, would love to meet him, a true maverick, he's on the list.
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Kylie Minogue - Where The Wild Roses Grow

Oh dear, there have been no new nomination either inside The Kitschin or outside The Kitschin in August or September 2016 so far...sorry about that...Still, no one has been knocked off the list because they died...so that's good. Although someone has been removed this September and it was Johnny Depp...yup, I know he will be gutted that he can't come but we're beginning to think he might just be a crashing boor.

July 2016

Sid Owen. What a lovely guy, made this decision after seeing him on Celebrity Master Chef, he's doing well & I hope he wins...will let you know. Seems like such a genuinely easy going nice chap.

The wonderful and talented actor Olivia Colman has had her name up on the main board for some time...just realised that I had failed to paste up her picture here on the blog.

May 2016

 Emilia Clarke Smart funny and entertaining we think she would be fun to have at the patio party.

Russel Crowe. Who wouldn't want him at a party?!

 Grason Perry. Really interesting guy and love his television documentaries

 Judge Rinder. Have heard him interviewed on the radio and he is very smart and entertaining

David Sedaris is on The Board. Brilliant, witty, really funny writer, have read all his books & would love to meet him.

April 2016

Diane Morgan, she's invited, smart funny lady. We love you!

Jimmy Kimmel, seems like a man with a good sense of humour. I'm sure his presence would add something to the party.

March 2016  

Russell Howard, not initially big fans, now we are, be good to see you there Russell.

 Peter Dinklage, brilliant actor and best character in Game of 

Taylor Lautner, lovely funny guy and great in
Cuckoo...would go to the Co-Op

February 2016

 Andy Samberg 
For sure and he would go to the Co-Op
(If you don't understand the Co-Op reference then you can go the THE BOARD post to read the rules)

 Rebel Wilson
Very funny woman, would definitely be welcome at the party!
+ Co-Op

All these guys from the television series Persons of Interest
Jim Kasevette and Taraji P. Henson 

Michael Emerson, Jim & Kevin Chapman
There all coming! Why? Just because I wanted them to. 

Stewart Lee has always been on The Board. Realised that there isn't a picture of him on this page though. So, to rectify that.
 Click here: Stewart Lee, just one brilliant skit.

January 2016

  Sadly two of the greatest have just left the building this month and they were both on The Board
David Bowie & Alan Rickman
We will miss you!
Click here, Lazarus by David Bowie 

 We really liked Jennifer Lawrence when we heard her interviewed on the Graham Norton show, very funny and down to earth. One of the main criteria of THE BOARD is that you have to have seen the celebrity interviewed so that you get some insight into what they might really be like. 

Not initially a big fan of Bruce Willis, we have now changed our minds. Again, comes across as a really nice guy when interviewed and also, we all agreed, he's actually a great comedy actor as well as your quintessential tough guy movie star!

December 2015

The wonderful cast of the brilliant British comedy series Spaced
(originally broadcast between 1999 & 2001) have always been on THE BOARD
Although I realise that they have not been featured on this page as they should have been!
Simon Pegg, Jessica Stevenson, Julia Deakin, Mark Heap, Kathy Carmichael and Nick Frost.
If you haven't seen it, well, it's brilliant.
Click here to watch SPACED Series 1 episode 1

Benedict Cumberbatch. Watch him being interviewed on the Graham Norton show, really lovely funny guy.

November 2015 

Maggie Smith, what's not to love! Really funny, witty & clever'
Brilliant in the film 'Lady in the Van'.

And these four actors and comedians, all at the heart of great British comedy drama.
 Kate Wix 

 Vicki Pepperdine & Joanna Scanlan

Alex MacQueen

October 2015

Romesh  Ranganathan, very sharp and witty.
Always excellent on any panel. We think he would make a good guest. UPDATE 2018 Now an even bigger fan after watching The Missadventures of Romesh Ranganathan.
LINK To my favourtie episode on BBC i player.

September 2015 

Matt Damon. Smart & interesting guy when interviewed

July 2015

Allison Janney. Brilliant actress, great comic actress, fantastic in the sit-com 'Mom'. Co-Op

Trevor Noah. Great new comedian on the scene, very sharp and funny.

Chris Pratt is on 'The Board' Lovely guy when interviewed, very funny on the Graham Norton Show and in the brilliant sitcom 'Parks and Recreation'.
Also, the fantastic Anna Faris
Great comic actor.
What a fantastic couple! 
Oh dear, they've now split up, what a shame, still, they're both invited.


April 2015

After devoting, (some might call it frittering away), the greater part of March working my way through the complete series of Breaking Bad, undoubtedly the best television series EVER, I am going to have to put Bryan Cranston  (Heisenberg) and the brilliant Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) up on The Board.....along with the rest of the cast.

Tom Hollander. Have loved everything he has been in.
R.I.P Alan
Alan Rickman was always on The Board but for some reason we failed to put him on the new Board. Brilliant actor and wonderful intense and interesting face. 

Simon Evans, have only just been introduced to his stand up, love it his excellent!
Stand Up Simon Evans Click Here! 

Charles Dance is on The Board July 2013.
No explanation needed especially if you are a Game of Throne's fan.

  Also the very funny and fantastic Warwick Davis...especially love his show 'Life is Short' just brilliant. + Co-Op

We now have a new nominee for March 2013.

We have decided that Wilson, the coconut from Castaway, should be invited.
His performance along side Tom Hanks in this epically long film was really quite brilliant and moving and he was also utterly convincing when later on in the film he morphed from being the coconut to portray the football, finally escaping the island with Tom in the films closing hours.
How sad was it when he ended up floating away out into that unforgiving ocean?!...I certainly cried big time!
Few parts followed for Wilson after this initial over night success...though some years later he did make an excellent cameo performance in The Mighty Boosh's spoof sketch of Castaway. Which just goes to show what an excellent sense of humour he has. Admittedly, he certainly looked a lot less fresh-faced by the time he met the boys from 'The Boosh' { As you can see from these pictures } and I can't help if his much-publicized foray into drug abuse had taken a fairly heavy toll on his health...However, I understand that The Mighty Boosh became a stepping stone to more choice parts in some tropical island-based comedies and Wilson is now back to his old brilliant fun-loving self.

No one made it onto 'The Board' in September but in October

Greg Davies had his invite in September!
 Who wouldn't want Greg at a party?!

Who made it onto 'The Board' this August?

Tim Minchin joined 'The Board' this August. Who wouldn't want him at a party?!

Who made it onto 'The Board' this July?
No One!

Who made it onto 'The Board' this June?

Jean Dujardin and Uggie. A slight bending of 'The Board' rules here. Jean Dujardin, great in The Artist and a great comedy actor, have seen him in a couple of excellent French comedies. However, I can't help feeling that his extraordinary good looks may have effected my selection to some degree, and the rules of The Board are that looks must not influence any nomination. Still, he really must have an invite. Uggie? well, I am not usually a great lover of our canine friends, more a cat person, but honestly, who could not love Uggie?!

 Tim Vine, all-round lovely guy and very funny. + Co-Op

 Miles Jupp, who could dislike Miles Jupp? Very funny man.

Also, Neil Finn, lead singer of Crowded House. Listening to them yesterday, brilliant. Love the mad lyrics.

Who made it onto The Board in May?
No One!

Who is going on The Board this April?

 We just forgot to put Jack up after The Board became rather messed up, he was always on The Board! & Danny Devito too of course.


Jules has nominated Kayvan Novak and we all agree, seems like a good guy and we like his sense of humour.

Alice Cooper, slipped off but is now back on again. Always comes across well when appearing in anything, smart and funny.

Who's made it in March?

 Just realised, we didn't have a pet on The Patio, Shrodinger's cat! ideal.

 Steve Buscemi, who wouldn't want to see his great face out on The Patio, just great.

We're fed up with all the goody-two-shoes of Hollywood, we want Charlie out on the patio, winning!

Sue Perking & Giles Coren, loved them both in Supersizers and their Good Life programme.
Also Sue lives pretty near the patio so we see no reason why she wouldn't want to come along on the big night.

We have definitely decided on Raymond Blanc now for the food.

The Faces of February
Matt LeBlanc made it onto the board. Because he was brilliant in the Showtime comedy 'Episodes' and we loved him in his recent interview on Top Gear where he made it to the top of their board as the fastest 'star in a reasonably priced car'. Good old Matt. We will add Co-op to his name. We think he would definitely go to the Co-op to buy in more drinks.

 and, making a grand entrance at the end of February is The Divine David! Watch him on YouTube, he is just wonderful, superbly ironic and divine.