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Love this film, soundtrack, and casting.
Midnight Cowboy
Midnight Cowboys, yes, it doesn't seem so very old to me, but we're going back over 50 years here! Hard to believe.

I cant' believe I've made this massive oversight!
Three of my favourite movies of all time with one of my favourite
actors of all time
James Dean
(my teenage pin-up, even though he had long gone to that great 
movie set in the sky)
Taken from us way too soon
Rebel Without A Cause
East of Eden

The very best Street Car Named Desire with Marlon Brando, Vivien Leigh & Kim Hunter.  

I have been trying to track this film down for years and there isn't anyone else that I have met that has seen it. Finally, I find a link. This is a wonderful, rare, touching film and one of my favourites of all time!


Without a doubt, the very best ever Jane Eyre film of all time. This is an absolutely gripping version of this great story. Orson Wells is brilliant as Mr Rochester and Joan Fontaine well cast as Jane. The young actors in the film are also excellent. It's wonderfully dark and atmospheric throughout. No other attempt to turn this story into a film can touch this.

Ace in the hole starring Kirk Douglas is an unmissable brilliant film. Kirk Douglas is superb in this chilling dark and utterly gripping story. 
Above is a link to a recording on Youtube ... though I highly recommend downloading or buying on DVD a full-screen good version of the film. It deserves and is worth it.

Angels With Dirty Faces 1938

All-time brilliant classic staring the wonderful James Cagney.

 James Cagney interview

Found this recent interview with James Cagney on YouTube.
Well worth watching. What a star.

To Kill A Mockingbird

The Producers
Thank you for this Mel Brooks, undoubtedly a classic.

Some Like It Hot 
 Absolutely brilliant comedy