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Divorced, and finding life rather dull, Tiffany decides to make a move.
One that will take her to Hungary with a man she has only recently met on an internet dating site.
The rest of the family think she's lost the plot.
Who leaves their cosy life in a leafy Dorset village to venture out over the border on into unknown territory?
Eva certainly wouldn't, and neither would the rest of the family.
Head of which, is the mother.
Since the (not considered very tragic), death of her husband, she's taken up oil painting and is now carving quite a respected niche for herself in the art-world at large.
Eva lives in the same town as the mother, whilst the others, Sherri, Tamara and Sebastian, have relocated to other counties, still quite near, yet reassuringly, far away.
Does this Klaus fellow that Tiffs has run off with turn out to be a thoroughly decent chap, or will family need to cobble together a rescue mission?
Who will be around the table on Christmas day, and who might be in accident and emergency?
Can a cat be genuinely evil?
Are comedy socks really that funny?
What happened between Harvey, Nelson, and the angel?
What shocking revelation precedes a big hush, hush, undercover mission and who are the family members that find themselves exposed in the national press?
In a family with a penchant for the extreme, there's always going to be an element of farce.
Join this very funny romp through a year in the life of the Pettigrews, and those unfortunate enough to be in their radar.

Comic fiction

So, you want front-page news coverage?
Then you need to put on a show.
In this case, a fashion show.
With much to organize and excitement mounting, we follow Eva, the owner of a small-town boutique, through the highs (and a fair amount of lows), as she works her way from booking the venue, right through to the final performance.
It's a comedy of errors.
So will it be all right on the night?
What do the papers say when the stardust settles?
Read all about it!

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Zeta May is a woman in her mid-twenties, trapped within the complexities of her own troubled mind.
A traumatic accident dramatically shaped her early childhood, and yet the memory of what happened that day, eludes her.
Angie knows, and Angie realizes that it's time, to tell the truth.
We meet Zeta as she stands at her bedroom window watching a young family move into the cottage next door. She resents the new neighbours, and she doesn't like Ray, the father. Something in his whole demeanour makes her feel uneasy.
Is Zeta intuitive, or losing her tentative grip and reality?
Zeta is teetering on the edge of a world that, for her, is about to implode. In this story, narrated by Zeta, we travel with her through  a decade in her extraordinary life.
A decade that neither she nor you, the reader, could have ever predicted. Lies & Revelations is a gripping and compelling novel looking at emotional extremes, moral dilemmas, love, deceit, and, the not so simple, twists of fate. 

Caterpillar Cat Children's Story CLICK HERE
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Caterpillar Cat is a delightful and entertaining story about a stray cat and a little girl called Rose. Rose first sees Caterpillar Cat walking along the snowy rooftops outside her bedroom window. Caterpillar Cat is cold and lonely. What will Rose and her mum do to help, and how did Caterpillar Cat get her name?

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Here we have the all-new greatest old movies of all time page.
If you would like to recommend your own then why not share it with me on twitter

The very best Street Car Named Desire with Marlon Brando, Vivien Leigh & Kim Hunter.  

I have been trying to track this film down for years and there isn't anyone else that I have met that has seen it. Finally, I find a link. This is a wonderful, rare, touching film and one of my favourites of all time!


Without a doubt, the very best ever Jane Eyre film of all time. This is an absolutely gripping version of this great story. Orson Wells is brilliant as Mr Rochester and Joan Fontaine well cast as Jane. The young actors in the film are also excellent. It's wonderfully dark and atmospheric throughout. No other attempt to turn this story into a film can touch this.

Ace in the hole starring Kirk Douglas is an unmissable brilliant film. Kirk Douglas is superb in this chilling dark and utterly gripping story. 
Above is a link to a recording on Youtube ... though I highly recommend downloading or buying on DVD a full-screen good version of the film. It deserves and is worth it.

Angels With Dirty Faces 1938

All-time brilliant classic staring the wonderful James Cagney.

 James Cagney interview

Found this recent interview with James Cagney on YouTube.
Well worth watching. What a star.

To Kill A Mockingbird

Some Like It Hot 
 Absolutely brilliant comedy