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Lies & Revelations is a dark, but ultimately uplifting, story about emotional extremes, moral dilemmas, violence, death and true love.
Zeta May, the main character and narrator of this novel, has a complex personality and an extraordinary story to tell.
We meet Zeta in her mid-twenties, struggling with anorexia and the aftermath of drug abuse.
When a new family move in next door, she develops an obsessive interest in the dynamics of their household, the wife, two young boys and Ray, the father.
Zeta's parents died in separate, but equally violent, incidents when she was two years old. She has absolutely no recollection of her mother's death, even though she watched her die.
Zeta's has one older sister, Angie, who takes on the role of her mother.
When Angie decides that it is time for Zeta to face up to the truth, further revelations about the past, leave both Angie and her sister reeling from the shock.
From that point on, we follow Zeta through an extraordinary decade in her life, which takes her, and the reader, to places they could never have imagined.
Although not initially the most lovable character, her human frailty, personal struggles and incredible life experiences, will have you rooting for her and demanding a happy ending.
Will Zetas new found happiness last or does her disturbing past, revenge and retaliation, threaten to destroy her?