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Press attention to attract it?
Available until 2018 on Ebook and paperback prior to a re-release in 2018

Dipsy's vintage clothing shop is going under, fast.  First call, the bank, she needs a loan, but the computer says no.
So, plan B, get some publicity. A fashion show ... that might work.
It needs to be quite an event if it's going to attract press attention.
Of course, there's a lot to organise and it could end up a complete fiasco.
Friends and family are all too willing to help, but do they?
What did the papers say the day after?
Why did the vicar get naked?
Was it good, bad, or downright ugly?
Find out within the pages of this book.

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Press Attention
Really funny, quirky read. Good pace to it, I enjoyed the story and loved the style of writing, feel like I've made some new friends, the characters really come to life, brilliant and absolutely hilarious ending!

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One of the quirkiest funniest books I've read in years.

 Due for a re-release in Ebook and paperback format, currently unavailable, watch this space.


Blogger Lu

Hi, and welcome to my Blogger.

A friend suggested the name Lu's Kitschin for my blog because we spend a lot of time in my kitchen ...and also, because I love retro and kitsch, especially 50's,60's & 70's. So there you go, that explains the confusing play on the word kitchen ...
You can check out my vintage/retro shop Sheer-Veneer here.
These days the shop is just a side line to my writing. 
There have been three books so far and right now I'm working on my fourth.
Hungary For Adventure was the first, then Press Attention 
& Pest Control & Other Stories (links below)
My new book is going to be very different than the first two. These books are of the humorous contemporary farce genre. Now my writing seems to have taken a darker turn, the book I'm working on started out as a short story and then the character took over. It's going to be a full scale novel and we're half way through. More about that nearer the time of release.
I used to work as an architect and then I moved back down to Cornwall from London with my two boys.
The building industry was in deep recession at that time and there was very little work.
I've always been pretty adaptable to a change of circumstance, and I started buying antiques and collectables at auction to sell at boot sales and flea markets (as we call them over here in the UK).
Anyway, this led to me renting out a shop, selling antiques for four years and then turning it into a vintage clothing shop.
Here's a link to a YouTube video of Kitts Couture (as it was called) in it's heyday, before I closed it down and moved to the other end of town.
Kitts Couture in it's heyday
I also put on five vintage fashion shows during that time, which raised money for a number of charities.
Cancer Research, Children's Hospice South West, The British Red Cross and Pulmonary Artery Hypertension ...a rare progressive lung disease which took the life of my dear friend Sarah last year in 2016.
Pulmonary Hypertension Association
I met Sarah when she moved down to Penzance from Bristol in 2002. She became my dear friend and vintage clothing buyer. I miss her terribly. She was the very best lady to lunch with, funny and interested in everything, especially film and music.
Here's a taste of one of the shows, the video isn't very good (just set up a stationary video camera), but you might enjoy looking at the clothes....(unfortunately YouTube wiped most of the music tracks on the  uploads of previous shows). 
Kittscouture Vintage Fashion show 2011
We had to change the venue for the show just two weeks before the big night, but somehow, it worked out!
My second book Press Attention
Press Attention Click Here 
is a comedy/farce loosely based on my first experience of putting on a show in our local theatre!

Well, that's enough about me, but should you want to, you can find and follow me Twitter
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